Werewolves are creatures who live in The Land-Of-The-Ghosts. They are feared and hunted by the people of the Icemark until they became allies of Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield. They are quite tall and have human-like bodies that are covered in fur. They were lead by King Grishmak Blood-Drinker.

The werewolf speak a language known as Wolf-speech, made up of a series of coughs and barks. They are also capable of speaking human speech, albeit a little roughly.

The werewolves are an extremely important asset to the Icemark during times of war as they formed a werewolf relay in charge of carrying messages and warnings from the far north and south of the nation, as far as the Southern Continent beyond the Polypontian Empire.

Known VarietiesEdit

There were a few known varieties of Werewolf :

  • Grey-Pelts
  • Normal Werewolves
  • Ukpik (White-pelts)

Known Werewolves Edit