Medea is the youngest daughter and second youngest child of Thirrin and Oskan, and the only one to possess her father's magical legacy.

Personality Edit

Emotionally, Medea has the characteristics of one suffering a severe personality disorder. Medea is very immature, vindictive, and selfish. She incorrectly considers herself to be misunderstood rather than evil. Medea is resentful of any attention given to her siblings and quick to discount all affection and care given to her by her parents as insufficient. When her father gives her space to develop her magical abilities more and more on her own as she grows older, she incorrectly interprets this as him pulling away and resents this. When her parents have to give more care to her disabled brother Charlemagne she develops a vengeful hatred for him and is completely unable to understand or care that the extra attention was necessary to keep him alive. In fact, she hopes that her brother (and the rest of her siblings) die so she can have all of her parent's attention. She is unable or unwilling to communicate her needs or her feelings to her parents, her siblings, or to anyone else, and when this leads to her needs being unmet she blames others rather than her own inability to tell them what she needed in the first place. She is completely unable to see her own blame in any misfortune, even if she is primarily to blame. Instead, she blames other people for everything, including her own evil nature.

Ability Edit

Medea's power seems to be weak at the beginning of the story but grows to very strong starting at 14 years of age. She can create illusions and see things from afar by scrying. Her farsight soon exceeds her father Oskan's but is still limited to a certain distance. She is able to manipulate matter and create solid objects both living and inanimate. She can possess people, affect minds and thoughts, and travel in spirit form. She can also shape shift to a great extent.

Appearance Edit

Medea is described as pale with dark hair and dark eyes. She is slender and not very tall.


Blade of Fire Edit

Medea is brooding in the tower over the fact that her parents will greet her siblings before her when they return from fighting the Ice Troll Wars. She resents this even though she herself is responsible by staying up in the tower and hiding rather than coming down and being with the rest of the family to be greeted.

She listens in disgust as the rest of the family enjoys a happy reunion. Then she recalls several times when she tortured her youngest brother Charlemagne (Sharley) with magic. It is revealed that she hates all of her siblings, especially her youngest brother because her parents pay attention to them, and had to give special care to Sharley due to a near-death bout of Polio. She rebuffs attention from her mother but tries to get her father to pay attention to no one but herself due to the fact that she was his only child that had acquired his magical abilities.

Medea tries to kill Sharley by possessing a bear.

Oskan takes Medea with him on a diplomatic mission to the Land of the Ghosts, thinking that giving her extra attention and love may make her less evil. We find out that Oskans's father chose to be a part of the Circle of Dark, as all those with a magical inheritance from the Wise ones, like Oskan and Medea must choose light or darkness. This is mostly a choice of Selfishness versus Love and Giving. Medea, of corse, is close to deciding on dark, and Oskan tries to help prevent this. However, Medea is disappointed that she cannot reach the Circle through the Vampiric Majesties.

Back home, in retaliation for her brother Cerdic getting angry with her behavior, she decides to try to kill the whole family. She starts by possessing and poisoning their minds so they walk into a trap set by the Polypontian Empire. Cerdic is killed in battle. Medea then decides to chose darkness over light, which is pretty obvious anyhow.

Cressida tries to reach her sister and get her to help the country fight invasion, but Medea doesn't care. When she tries to kill Cressida, she finds out that Cressida is completely immune to magic, and that Medea can not harm her.

Sharley returns with an army and saves Icemark. Medea tries to kill him yet again, but it fails. So she tries to kill him with lightning, and Oskan, deflects it. Oskan then banishes Medea to Darkness.

Trivia Edit

  • Medea is an evil woman in Greek Mythology that knows witchcraft and kills her children because her husband chose another woman.

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