ArtemesionBlade Of FireCerdic Lindenshield
CharlemagneCressida LindenshieldCronus
Desert KingdomElemnestraEodred Lindenshield
ErinorFan ArtFrostmarris
Greyling BearHolly KingHypolita
HypolitanIce TrollsKing Edward Lindenshield
King Grishmak Blood-DrinkerKing RedroughtKirimin
Krisafitsa-TharinaLady TheowinLast Battle Of The Icemark
Maggiore TotusMedeaMekhmet
Minor Characters - Blade of FireOak KingOctavius Bellorum
OlememnonOlympiaOskan Witchfather
Polypontian EmpirePrimplepussScipio Bellorum
Snow LeopardsStuart HillSulla Bellorum
TalamanTharaman-TharThe Cry Of The Icemark
The GoddessThe Great WoodsThe Hub of the World
The IcemarkThe Icemark (Country)The Icemark Chronicles Wiki
The Land-Of-The-GhostsThe Prince Of The IcemarkThe Vampire King
The Vampire QueenThirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm LindenshieldVampires
VenezziaWerewolvesWhite Annis
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